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 * o'SESAME~FileRoomClerk and FileRoomCabinets
   A Multi-O.S. Compatible Folder Template     Download OSESAME~Template   !FRC_C01.zip
  A Compatible Multi-O.S. Paradigm            OSESAME~LONGFILEPATHS.PDF   DCO old-new version soon
   Description of the File~Room~Clerk          OSESAME~FILEROOMCLERK.PDF   RTF old-new version soon
  Master Reference File Duplicated & Renamed  OSESAME~COPY&RENAME.PDF     RTF old-new version soon
  Read File 1ST, Then Rename to Enable        OSESAMEBAT.TXT Rename to OSESAME.BAT
ecQUOTES - e-commerce Quotes/Orders         old-new version soon
 * STEWARD Asset Management systems            
short tour of systems old-new version soon
noahsARk                                    short tour crm portal old-new version soon

eVerifiedBase                               short tour of ACD/PD tools old-new version soon

 * GBS~Lexicon                                 
old-new version soon
 * ANSI/EIA/TIA-606A                          
old-new version soon
 * ITT Legacy Trunk Guide                      
ITZ~ChronStamp                              44KB-html
old-new millisecond version soon
 * Get-a-GRIP - a project management tool      11KB-pdf
 * Quarterly Support Agreements (QSA)
         Contact Us
 * FTP login

Bell Laboratories
RECORD May 1969                Special Issue:  PICTUREPHONE 7450KB-pdf
                                                  visit web site
  * Project Management Booklet
  "10 Steps to Avoid Project Failure"        165KB-pdf
    A Checklist & Outline of the PM-Booklet    

Open Source Spreadsheets
  * ASCII 256 Characters Table as used on a personal computer.
       Load html-TABLE in a separate window for saving to local drive.
Load XLS-TABLE in a separate window for saving to local drive.

  * New Project Cost Analysis Spreadsheet for Structured Cable will be available soon.

Multiple Spreadsheet Forms Include:
  * EIA-310-D, E (50U) Rack Guide for Numbering and Placing 110-Blocks
  * Preliminary Audit Worksheet
  * Work Tracking Sheet
  * A (110) or B(66) or other Termination Blocks
  * RJ45 Type Patch Panel Form for 24 through 48 Ports
  * RJ45 Type Patch Panel Form for 24 through 96 Ports
  * IBM Token-Ring Patch Panel for 08 through 64 Ports
  * 110-Block Labels
  * Day Log
  * CutSheet and Log
  * IDentification Badge Template
  * Log Other Common Carrier Circuits

CommScope visit their web site
  * Look for new 'Soft Tools' from Uniprise and Systimax
    for printing labels & database asset manangement

The Siemon Company
  *  Spreadsheet Templates
What Really Changed with Category 6