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   NCS is a regional leader in secure remote access services.

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Founded in 1969, Doppler Studios started as the home of a jingle company, operating out of a modest one-room studio.
Today, Doppler has seven studios, doing a major league mix of music, commercial, corporate, and film projects.

Jim Ellis Music  << you know his work, meet the man and hear his music   

Sam's Tape Truck  << read more or give your speakers a workout >>  BOOM!
Founded in 1971, Joe Neal started the adventure in a 1969 Chevy van with a 20 input console connected to a 2 track machine.

Lowery Music   ::    Southern Tracks Recording   
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   American Institute of Architects, The
Kunimoto Architect Design Group, Inc.
Rosser Consulting Engineering

   State profiles, Hotels, Guest Suites  a link to

Business, Finance and Management
   Dominion Business Finance, LLC  Chris Mitchell


   Heritage Property Management Services, Inc.  Property Management

 Operations Associates an award winning consulting firm,
     serving mid-size to Fortune 500 manufacturers and distributors worldwide since 1993.
     Operations Associates optimizes processes and systems and delivers smart Manufacturing and Distribution facilities.

 The NBS~Group ...Information Transport Systems Industry consultants

 Practice Management Group ...professional partnering with medical practices


   TNS ~ Telecomm Network Solutions   Ken Densmore
   Telecom Service of Atlanta    
Jeff Rowland
   Premiere Computers, Inc.   
Minor Carter
  a directory & referral service

Dance Studios & Production Companies
  American Dance Productions  Contact Sharon Nichols
  Arthur Murray International

BRADY Corporation   Kevin McCarthy
GRAYBAR Electric Company, Inc.   Solomon Matios
Facilty Management
AOS-USA (formerly FRI) Information

General Contractors
Duke Construction

Graphics: Design, Printing
Dirt Road Media Melissa Hudson
HindSite Interactive  ...for advanced, award winning web site designers
PrintWorks of Atlanta Carole Rucinski
Computers, Telecommunications,
Premiere Computers, Inc.  Minor Carter

Cable Installation & Maintenance Magazine  
InfoWorld Directory      page provides links to archives, columns, blogs and RSS feeds

Providing complimentary products, services and solutions to the Information Transport Systems Industry

Autodesk CADD

Cabling Installation & Maintenance

   eVectory Enterprises

   InterSystems Cache'

   Iron Mountain Digital

   Peachtree Complete Accounting

   The Siemon Company

   SuperBase Developers, plc

   UniPress FootPrints

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